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Sterilization and Cleanliness

Dr. Hernandez Maintains the Highest Standards in Sterilization

Many Americans and Canadians are concerned about the cleanliness and sterilization processes in Mexican dental offices. Rest assured that Dr. Hernandez and his staff maintain the highest standards in cleanliness.

Dental instruments that are laid out for use during the day must be cleaned and sterilized after each patient and at the end of the day, whether or not they were actually used. Just by sitting out in a dental office, they can collect bacteria and other contaminants that could be spread to a patient if they are used without proper cleaning and treatment. They must be properly cleaned, sterilized and stored in order to prepare them for future use.

These standards are comparable to what is found in any office in the United States or Canada. In our modern facilities the equipment is replaced on a regular basis as well to keep equipment up-to-date and in perfect working condition.


The sterilization process (autoclave)

The preferred sterilization principle for sterilization is heat, the autoclave being the most commonly used method. At International Dental Center we use the M9 Autoclave as an elementary measure of material sterilization.

Autoclave M7 and M9

The M7 and M9 autoclaves are responsible for

  • Eliminate all microbial life including spores in materials, surgical equipment, textiles and glass.
  • Provide patient safety.
  • No toxic waste in sterilized equipment and equipment.