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ProcedureAverage Cost US
Dr. Hernandez
Typical Savings
Dental Cleaning$150$50$100
Dental Cleaning with Exam$200$50 (Exam in FREE!)$150
White Composite Resin Filling$185$100$95
Zoom Teeth Whitening
Porcelain Crown $1,200$440-$550$650
Root Canal$1,000$300$700
Dental Implant$1,800$1,200$600
Dental Bridge with Two Implants$8,486$4,750$3,736
Full Set Upper and Lower Dentures with Implants
10 Porcelain Crowns$12,000$5,500-6,500$5,500
16 Veneers (Full-mouth Makeover)$16,000$8,000$8,000
16 Lumineers$16,000$8,000$8,000
Full-Mouth Restoration


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