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Get a Free Vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico?

For those patients who are planning extensive dental work, Dr. Hernandez offers up to two-weeks of free, luxury accommodations in the newly-renovated apartments located directly above the office in downtown Puerto Vallarta. These high-end accommodations can house up to four people at no extra cost and are located in the heart of the city, just a few blocks from the world-famous boardwalk and beaches, plus free round-trip transfers from the airport to the apartment, discounts coupons at local restaurants, and a cell phone to use while you're there. Learn details about this free vacation or to find out if you qualify, call our offices and ask to speak with Dr. Hernandez directly.

A Free Vacation Just from the Savings?


But what if you are someone is only interested in minor dental work? Is it POSSIBLE to get a FREE VACATION to one of the top tourist areas in the world just from the SAVINGS on a trip to the dentist? All we can say is that there's a reason why dental tourism to Mexico is so popular! Take a look!

Average Cost US
Dr. Hernandez
Typical Savings
Dental Cleaning$127$50$77
Dental Cleaning with Exam$198$50 (Exam in FREE!)$148
White Composite Resin Filling$207$90$117
Zoom Teeth Whitening$500$250$250
Porcelain Crown $1,430$450-$550$880
Root Canal$957$300$657
Dental Implant$2,488$1,200$1,288
Dental Bridge with Two Implants$8,486$4,550$3,936
Full Set Upper and Lower Dentures with Implants$34,119$14,600$19,519
10 Porcelain Crowns$14,300$5,500$8,800
16 Veneers (Full-mouth Makeover)$16,000$6,800$9,200
16 Lumineers$16,000$6,500$9,500
Full-Mouth Restoration$50,933$20,000$30,933


*Rates according to

*Rates may vary based on individual needs. A full disclosure of pricing will be outlined, discussed, and approved prior to implementation of any procedures.